DC Ambiance is a group of accomplished musicians who arrange and perform in the Hot Club Jazz style and tradition of Django Reinhardt.  Performing together since 2017, their sound is described as “a gentle and sophisticated approach to gypsy jazz”.

Davorin (Buco) Cavar, Guitar

Davorin “Buco” (sounds like Bootso, his childhood nickname) Cavar, a native of Sarajevo, began his career as lead with various rock bands here and in Chicago. He turned his attention to the acoustic guitar to focus on his newfound love of Gypsy Jazz. Buco has studied with such jazz guitar greats as Tony do Rosario and Alfonso Ponticelli all the while performing in various festivals and clubs between DC and Chicago. In addition to DCA Buco performs with Hot Club DC and Better Time Swing Quartet. Buco teaches gypsy jazz style guitar

Bill Parmentier, Guitar 

Bill grew up playing rock guitar but was bit by the "Django bug" while living on Whidbey Island, WA (home of DjangoFest Northwest) in the early 2000s and befriending the late Dudley Hill of Pearl Django. During this time, he formed and performed with the Harbor Hot Club before moving to Northern Europe. Bill studied with famed gypsy jazz guitarists Robin Nolan and Lollo Meier. Bill extended his love of the genre by attending and jamming at some of the major gypsy jazz festivals in France and the Benelux region. 

Randy Stein, English Concertina 

In 2017 Randy attended a gypsy jazz jam session at the VFW Hall in Takoma Park, MD. There he met the accomplished gypsy jazz guitarist Buco Cavar. After jamming together and a short conversation, Buco invited Randy to perform in a new group he was forming. The rest is history.

Over the years DC Ambiance has developed a unique sound with their arrangements of the Jazz Manouche music, creating an ever growing following. DCA  performs in clubs, restaurants, concert venues, swing dances, senior centers, and for private and corporate events. 

Booking inquiries:  concertinaguy@randysteinec.com 

“Randy Stein is an accomplished player and arranger of music for the English Concertina. Randy is admired and respected for his ability to expertly play across different styles of music, however, he is perhaps best known for his expert knowledge and fine playing of jazz from the first half of the twentieth century. While the English Concertina is a versatile instrument, few can master playing jazz effectively. Yes, some can play all the notes, but not many can play with 'swing' like Randy.  Randy always gets your foot tapping!”

Jeremy Hague, Musician and Archivist/Librarian for the International Concertina Association