In the early 1970s, Randy's teacher, Boris Matueswitch, introduced him to his polyphonic arrangements for the English Concertina. Immediately Randy began memorizing and performing these solo arrangements in restaurants and cafes around NYC. Developing his own arrangements, Randy has created an eclectic and extensive repertoire of American and European Standards. Playing and arranging for the English Concertina has informed Randy's musical understanding and style of performing. And his life's perspective. 

“Randy’s mastery of the English concertina is a delight in concert, workshops, and lessons. His effortless ease with multiple genres draws us in and gives us a panoramic view of this charming and versatile instrument.  Randy is truly a four-dimensional player and I always look forward to his performances with great anticipation and the knowledge that he will surprise me every time.”

Sarah Gowan, Multi-Instrumentalist and Director of Box and String Music.