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Whether you need background music for an intimate setting or a lively musical venue, Randy Stein offers an extensive and unique visual and musical experience. His diversity creates various musical selections for a Restaurant/Cafe , Senior Centers, Corporate Events, Festivals and Workshops, or Swing Dance, Concert and Club Venues. 

Randy is a consummate musician who is accomplished in multiple styles. His concertina playing is a marvelous contribution to any event or musical grouping. He is also a thoughtful, knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who is much beloved by his students.”

Judy Minot, Musician and Author of Best Practice: Inspiration and Ideas for Traditional Musicians


Randy Stein is a classically trained musician who studied the English Concertina with the famed Matusewitch Brothers, Boris and Sergei. A former circus acrobat and founding member of the Big Apple Circus, Randy arranges and performs solo, with various groups and orchestras in festivals, shows, and theaters including classical recitals at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. He has recorded with various artists including John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their album Double Fantasy. Randy previously performed with Joey Bello (famed mandolinist Joseph Binder) in the musical acrobatic clown duo Bello & Stein. He performed with the jazz group The Rodger French Trio and the folk trio, The Squeezers Randy also performed and recorded with the Jewish Folk Band, Ein Lanu Z’man. 



DC AMBIANCE performs in the style of Django Reinhardt's Hot Club Swing Jazz of the 1930s and 40s. They have an ever growing audience and perform for corporate, private, club and concert venues. 

As a Solo Performer, Randy has an extensive repertoire of European and American Classic Standards. He performs in Cafes,Restaurants, Senior Centers and many Private Events.  

2MANY BUTTONS  is his acoustic concertina duo. They have performed in coffee houses, pubs, and festivals in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. 

Randy offers lessons on the English Concertina to all levels. 


About the English Concertina

English Concertina disassembled, showing bellows, reed pan and buttons.


1928 Wheatson English Concertina

The English Concertina is a fully chromatic instrument, having buttons in a rectangular arrangement of four staggered rows, with the short side of the rectangle addressing the wrist. The invention of the instrument is credited to Sir Charles Wheatstone; his earliest patent of a like instrument was granted 19 December 1829, No 5803 in Great Brittan. The two innermost rows of the layout constitute a diatonic C major scale, distributed alternately between the two sides of the instrument. Thus, in a given range, C-E-G-B-d is on one side, D-F-A-c-e on the other. The two outer rows consist of the sharps and flats required to complete the chromatic scale. This distribution of scale notes between sides facilitates rapid melodic play.

For more Information about the Concertina visit the International Concertina Association Website