Three of Randy's Students Performing at the Northeast Squeeze-In


Interested in learning to play or become more proficient on the English Concertina? 
Randy teaches all levels and genres of music.  His teaching approach is based on how he was taught by his mentors, the Matueswitch Brothers, Boris and Sergei. Both were world famous accomplished English Concertina and Accordion musicians respectively. In his decades of teaching Randy has expanded on their methods of teaching and expanded the repertoire to include additional genres of music that incorporate scale and arpeggio fingering as well as phrasing for bellow control. 
All lessons are taught via Zoom and all music is sent to you in a PDF format prior to each lesson. Lessons are tailored to each student's specific needs and abilities and improvement is solely based on your willingness to practice. Randy's goal is for you to develop a better understanding of how to play and learn on your own. 
It usually takes a few lessons to get a full assessment of your playing in order to develop a lesson plan for you. Coming unprepared to a lesson is really a waste of both time and money so the expectation is that you will practice to the best of your ability based on your time management. Scheduling can always be adjusted to fit a busy schedule.
Some questions you're going to be asked: 
  • What kind of EC do you play? 
  • How many buttons and its range?
  • How many folds in your bellows? 
  • Do you read music?  Have you ever played another instrument? 
  • What genres of music do you currently play?
  • Are you currently performing and/or playing in sessions?
  • What do you want to achieve by taking lessons? 
  • Do you have an expected goal or end result in mind?
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“Randy is professional, organized, patient, and encouraging. He has a sense of humor and listens to your comments and your requests. He will work with you to make you a better musician, whether that means technique, practice skills, or musicality.”

Carol W,  Philadelphia, PA 


Randy Stein is an exceptionally positive teacher. Whenever I have difficulty playing a piece he finds some aspect of my playing I did well and points that out first.  This uplifts the lesson, allows me to relax a little more and then play better as the lesson progresses.  I always feel more confident in my playing abilities by the end of each lesson.”

Richard R,  Portland, OR


For the past 3 ½ years I have been a student of Randy and continue to have the same enthusiasm I had when we started. Randy is incredibly intuitive to my musical needs and is a wonderful and patient instructor. I recommend him to anyone just starting out with the English Concertina or anyone who has been playing for years.”

Susan G,  Key Largo, FL 


"Randy is a consummate instructor. He's knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. Because of him, I've been able to improve quickly and gain a lot of confidence."

Willem W,  NYC, NY


“For the first time in my life I have a growing confidence and competence in playing a musical instrument, thanks to Randy Stein's instruction. He is attentive to all the technical details of playing as well as to musicianship, challenging me with pieces in a variety of genres. My lessons and practice bring me the great joy not only of making music, but also of growing as I learn and improve new skills.”

Bill G,  Indiana, PA


“As a teacher, Randy is inspiring - I trust in his judgement to feed me music that can stretch me in the appropriate direction, without over-stretching me, so retaining my enthusiasm. I’ve made significant progress under his guidance so I feel confident and ready to make some more.”

John H, London, England