Randy Stein is a classically trained musician who studied the English Concertina with the famed Matusewitch Brothers, Boris and Sergei. A former circus acrobat and founding member of the Big Apple Circus, Randy gave up tumbling to arrange and perform on the English Concertina. In addition to performing for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, Randy performed classical recitals at Lincoln Center Alice Tully Hall and at Carnegie Hall for a festival of Kurt Weill music. Randy has recorded with various musical artists including John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their album Double Fantasy. 

In his circus days, Randy performed both solo and with Joey Bello (accomplished mandolinist Joseph Binder) in the musical acrobatic clown duo Bello & Stein. In 2008 Randy reunited with his good friend and famed accordionist Rodger French, performing in his  jazz group, The Rodger French Trio. Randy also performed and recorded with the Jewish Folk Band, Ein Lanu Z’man.

Currently, Randy arranges and performs with DC AMBIANCE, the Hot Club Jazz group playing in the style of Django Reinhardt. As a Solo Artist he is internationally recognized for his polyphonic arrangements on the English Concertina and performs an extensive repertoire of Classic American and European Standards. In addition to DC AMBIANCE,  Randy performs in the acoustic concertina duo, 2MANY BUTTONS

Interested in Lessons on the English Concertina? Check out the English Concertina Lessons Page for more information. 

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Booking: concertinaguy@randysteinec.com

Randy Stein is one of the most enjoyable musicians I know. The pleasure he takes in music permeates his playing and connects with the listener. It's one of his many strengths as a performer. He's astonishingly versatile, making English concertina work with just about any genre or tradition: classical, jazz, folk, movie themes and show tunes, swing, old standards . . . the list goes on. His playing always reflects the context in which the piece was created. But his high level of skill as a player never elbows the music aside -- he makes it all seem effortless, and the tune remains at the front. When he plays with other musicians, he blends in artfully. Randy is always worth hearing.” 

Lynn Hughes, Musician and Board Member and MC for the Northeast Squeeze-In